Sunday, August 3, 2008


When realizing the implications of the Death of God, a thinker who grasps this idea to its fullest extent is overcome by a profound sense of Nihilism, or the idea that one's life and actions are valueless. The reason for this is the arbitrary source of Christian values, the purely contrived God.

With this realization, one becomes aware of the Abyss. This Abyss, which is an often used phrased in Zarathustra, is a metaphor for the truth that at bottom life is devoid of meaning, and all that one does has no discernable point of reference.

Values are constructions, and there are different types of values. Gods are figures that valuers claim to be somehow above this abyss. One can derive one's values from them. Idols are the statues that seem to stretch down into the Abyss, but their is no bottom to this Abyss, so what holds them up? The hands of God! But with the death of God, these idols have no base and collapse. One can no longer defer to these idols as valuations of life.

One then asks how one can find meaning without idols? The answer lies in earthly values. These values come from man, and Nietzsche hopes one day Overman. Nietzsche sees potential in the Death of God, believing that the era has potential to reverse the Slave Rebellion in Morals. The Christian Idols were rooted in life-denying values, and Nietzsche urges man to become a tightrope walker in order to reestablish life-affirming values as the dominant system of valuation. The man who takes this walk faces jeering from crowds and the Joker, the Active Nihilist who seeks to stop the walker out of hatred for those who try to find value. The Ubermensch is the being fit for succeeding in this monstrous task.

An overmanly aspirer must first experience full-fledged Nihilism; yearning for non-entity, the utmost desire for self-annihilation. Without this experience, one does not have deep enough roots for a Revaluation of all values. There are two types of reactions to this feeling, one becomes either a Passive Nihilist or an Active Nihilist, both paths leading ultimately to self-destruction. The realization of absurdity leads one to withdrawal or destruction. The Passive Nihilist represents a being with collapsed spiritual strength and he . He either adopts life-denying values of preservation or commits suicide. The enhanced spiritual strength of the Active Nihilist leads him to destruction of the world around him. He either adopts life-affirming values of preservation, he is killed, or the whole world is destroyed.

The basis of all creation is destruction. Up to now, man has devised all sorts of ways to try to escape Nihilism. As such, we are willing our own suicide. Would you have man return to Ape?
What is now needed is a higher species to bring back faith in man. Many of the herd will resist this creation; the bungled and botched cannot survive a revaluation. Well then...

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